M12 Stick Transfer Pump (TOOL

Product #: MIL-2579-20

Weight: 3.75


Delivers superior filtration for uninterrupted pumping in catch basins, water meter boxes, trenches, sump pump pits, and more. Featuring a 36” submersible aluminum barrel. Pump provides the extension needed to reach water at the bottom of trenches and difficult to reach areas. Equipped with HydroPass™ filter technology, its 360° filter maximizes flow in heavy debris, minimizing downtime caused by clogging. With a 15ft max head height and an outlet compatible with a  ¾” garden hose, this pump delivers the power to push water farther out, over walls and to the ideal deposit location.

  • Powered by the M12™ battery platform, transfer pump eliminates repetitive manual pumping and improves control, requiring only one hand to pump, freeing the other to control the outflow.
  • The transfer pump is compatible with all M12™ REDLITHIUM™ Batteries. Effortlessly pumps up to 9 gallons per minute and 275 gallons on (1) M12™ REDLITHIUM™ XC4.0 battery (sold separately).