Manor Duo Water Softener +
Taste Filter

Product #: NUVO-16001*


NuvoH2O® Salt-Free Water Softener Systems ;ideal for homes that are larger than 1,500 sq. ft. and experience symptoms of hard water and have bad tasting or smelling water in their homes.

The NuvoH2O Manor Duo system retains the healthy ‘hard’ minerals in your water. NuvoH2O's proprietary citrus-based softening formula, CitraCharge®, bonds to hard water minerals making them incapable of sticking to pipes and surfaces. Second, it further softens water by reducing the pH of your home’s water, bringing it closer to 7.0 or neutral. At this point, scale can’t accumulate on surfaces, in pipes, or water-based appliances. 
Third, the NuvoH2O Manor Duo Water Softener Systems REMOVE existing scale buildup that already exists.

System housing (1 head and 2 sumps); Mounting bracket
1 Softener cartridge; 1 Carbon taste filter; 1 Wrench; Tapcon screw pack; System head screw pack; 2 O-rings; Lubricant; Installation guide
Warranty/Registration card